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<br /> <br /> <br />Dear Mayor Rosenberg and Trustees, <br /> <br /> I am away and unable to attend the hearing on Tuesday, August 27 but want to provide my <br />thoughts regarding the 259 North Ridge Street application. <br /> <br /> As the former Mayor of Rye Brook, I am familiar with the genesis of the proposed project <br />at 259 North Ridge Street and encourage the Board of Trustees to vote in favor of the application. <br /> <br /> After the 2009 settlement of the litigation between Westchester County and the federal <br />government, Rye Brook, which was one of the 31 communities cited in that litigation, <br />commissioned a study to determine sites within Rye Brook that had the potential for affordable <br />housing. One of the locations was 259 North Ridge Street. In addition, in 2011 the Board of <br />Trustees passed legislation to encourage affordable housing in our community by the creation of <br />the FAH District, a floating zoning district that may be applied to particular parcels by an <br />amendment to the Zoning Map of the Village of Rye Brook. The purpose of this district is to <br />provide flexible land use regulations, a streamlined permitting process and incentives to encourage <br />the development of fair and affordable housing within Rye Brook. <br /> <br /> The developer of the subject property met informally with Village Administrator, Chris <br />Bradbury, and me approximately nine years ago and he suggested the possibility of building 32 <br />units of affordable housing at 259 North Ridge Street. Obviously, that was more than ambitious <br />and rejected and in the last few years the project has been responsibly scaled back to four units in <br />response to legitimate and fair concerns raised by the community and the Board. <br /> <br /> Consultants to the Village have worked tirelessly to ensure that any adverse impacts from <br />the proposed project, including traffic and flooding, will be mitigated. <br /> <br /> Vacant land will not always remain stagnant and the status quo will not always remain. <br />However, residents often resist any kind of real estate development. Property owners have the right <br />to develop their land in a responsible manner. The look of the proposed affordable housing homes <br />will be consistent with the character of the community. <br /> <br /> Our village encourages affordable housing. We want people who work in our community <br />to live here, such as teachers, municipal workers, police officers and firefighters. The current <br />guidelines provide that an owner who has a family of four can make an income of up to $86,600. <br /> <br /> I urge the Board of Trustees to vote “yes” to the proposed application. Thank you. <br /> <br />Joan L. Feinstein <br />6 Robins Roost