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1 <br />Alex Marshall <br />Subject:FW: Rye Brook Environmental Awareness 2019 <br /> <br />From: Carly Cutler [] <br />Sent: Monday, August 26, 2019 1:25 PM <br />To: Christopher Bradbury <>; Christopher Bradbury <> <br />Cc: Carly Cutler <> <br />Subject: Rye Brook Environmental Awareness 2019 <br /> <br />Dear Christopher: <br /> <br />I hope my email finds you well into the end of Summer 2019. <br />I have a sincere request, I am on a family vacation after a long summer of work and unfortunately will miss <br />tomorrow’s voting meeting. Please can you or another board member read my letter below to the board <br />tomorrow night? <br /> <br />Carly’s Letter: <br /> <br />The environment means so much to my children and my family and all of the dedicated Rye Brook neighbors <br />that are here tonight. Thank you kindly I’m advance. <br /> <br />Hi everyone, sorry I couldn’t make the meeting tonight I am away with my family. <br /> <br />I am a resident of 20 Eagles Bluff; I moved into this beautiful nature dense neighborhood back in July of 2016. <br />Wow, such a gorgeous natural wetlands here settled into my mind. <br /> <br />What we did not realize however was that our back yard that backed up to the gorgeous compact Wetland <br />environment of Rye Brook New York, would impact my life so much: the overwhelming flooding of my patio, <br />children’s play room, backyard and of course then comes with an enormous financial burden. <br /> <br /> My backyard, my dedicated neighbor’s backyard and our neighbors up the street alike have also experienced <br />extensive water damage, which have been costly. The bottom line to any argument here is that living on top of, <br />next to, behind, diagonal to a wetland environment on the bottom of a steep slope nonetheless, will bring <br />homeowners forever.... serious water damage. This is truly exhausting.