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Central Westchester Audubon Society <br />August 23, 2019 <br />Christopher Bradbury, <br />Rye Brook Village Administrator <br />Dear Mr. Bradbury, <br />Please accept this letter in reference to the proposed development at 259 North Ridge Street. We <br />apologize for the late entry into this discussion but we were notified only recently of this <br />proposal. <br />As you are likely aware, Central Westchester Audubon serves nine local areas including Rye <br />Brook, bringing a voice to environmental issues as well as education of our surroundings to those <br />we serve. It is with this voice that we wish to raise some concerns in reference to this proposal. <br />It is our understanding that this project would seek to do a fair amount of site remediation work, <br />including the removal of over 83 trees. We are not experts in this field but we do know that older <br />growth woods and forests are extremely valuable for the environment and the planting of <br />younger, less well established trees to the area will effectively make the area unsuitable for many <br />years to come for nesting birds, among other living organisms. <br />This site is also noted to have a significant amount of water and such an environment is <br />extremely valuable for the birds, animals and insects that rely on such sources for survival. Water <br />is also a very desirable habitat for many plants, which in turn support soil conservation and <br />enriches the nutrients available to the area. <br />We noted that a fair amount of parking area would be provided for this project, further raising <br />our concerns for water management and run-off. Large, sudden bursts of quickly moving water is <br />unhelpful for soil conservation. Wetlands are critical as well in mitigating flooding and run off. <br />It is also our understanding that this area sits directly in a Scenic Road Overlay District and <br />allowing this proposed project to go forward at this scale would require overriding many existing <br />regulations that were, undoubtedly, put in place for the conservation of the area. <br />While we appreciate the broader concerns of housing and the need for providing appropriate <br />options, we would ask you to slow down, take our concerns and those of local residents, into <br />account before moving forward. With so much of our area already developed or previously