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ZARIN & <br />STEINMETZ <br />By Hand Delivery <br />Hon. Paul S. Rosenberg <br />Mayor of the Village of Rye Brook <br />and Members of the Village Board <br />Village of Rye Brook <br />938 King Street <br />Rye Brook, New York 10573 <br />December 12, 2016 <br />Re: 259 North Ridge Street <br />Dear Mayor Rosenberg and Members of the Village Board: <br />David J. Cooper <br />Jody T. Cross • <br />Michael J. Cunningham • <br />Marsha Rubin Goldstein <br />Helen Collier Mauch • <br />Zachary R. Mintz • <br />Matthew R. Pisciotta • <br />Daniel M. Richmond <br />Kate Roberts <br />Brad K. Schwartz <br />Lisa F. Smith • <br />David S. Steinmetz• <br />Michael D. Zarin <br />a Also admitted in D.C. <br />• Also admitted in CT <br />... Also admitted in NJ <br />This Firm represents Kami and Craig Katz, the owners of 16 Eagles Bluff, as well as <br />Sabrina Lanosa and Daniel Otero, the owners of 14 Eagles Bluff (collectively, the "Neighbors"), in <br />connection with their concerns about the proposed 3-lot subdivision and development of 259 North <br />Ridge Street (the "Project"). The Neighbors' homes are located just steps away from proposed Lot <br />1, which, under the current development scheme, would be re-zoned and granted several zoning <br />waivers to permit 5 affordable units in a large building, together with a commercial-style, 14- <br />space asphalt parking lot, plus unsightly retaining walls and so-called privacy fencing and <br />landscaping, all along a Village-designated "Scenic Road." <br />As stated previously, the Neighbors are not against affordable housing at this site <br />if the overall 3-lot subdivision Project can be designed in an environmentally-sensitive way that <br />avoids visual and other significant adverse environmental impacts, "integrates" the affordable <br />units and associated parking into the fabric of their existing residential neighborhood, and <br />renders the units and parking "indistinguishable in appearance" from the surrounding market-rate <br />homes. See Village Code§ 25-26.1F(4). <br />Tel: (914) 682-7800 <br />Fax:(914) 683-5490 <br />81 Main Street, Suite 415 <br />White Plains, New York 10601 <br />