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1 <br />Christopher Bradbury <br />From:Walter Janeczko <> <br />Sent:Monday, December 12, 2016 8:56 PM <br />To:Mayor Paul S. Rosenberg; Christopher Bradbury <br />Subject:259 Ridge street affordable housing <br />Follow Up Flag:Flag for follow up <br />Flag Status:Flagged <br />Gentlemen, <br /> <br />I am adamantly expressing my concerns of the 259 Ridge Street housing project. Through my experience <br />traveling on this road everyday on my way to work , it would be extremely dangerous to have vehicles <br />coming out onto Ridge street from the proposed housing project. Also I must add it would be an eye <br />sore for neighbors that live near this parcel of land. Further more I feel it would be an environmental <br />issue and would devalue the appraised values of homes within its proximity. <br /> <br />I appreciate your input and careful consideration in not letting this happen to our community. <br /> <br />Very truly yours, <br />Walter Janeczko <br />35 Argyle rd , Rye Brook <br /> <br />Sent from my iPad