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MEMORANDUM <br /> <br />TO: Mayor Paul S. Rosenberg and all Rye Brook Trustees <br /> <br />c: Christopher J. Bradbury, Michael J. Izzo, Michal Nowak, Marilyn Timpone-Mohamed, <br /> Edward F. Beane, Esq. <br /> <br />FROM: Dean P. Santon <br /> <br />DATE: December 8, 2016 [CORRECTED] <br /> <br />RE: Comments relating to Public Hearing for proposed 3-lot subdivision <br /> at 259 North Ridge Street with AFFH affordable housing component <br /> <br />Pages: 10 pages including this sheet <br /> <br />I submit these comments as part of the continuing Public Hearing for the captioned applications. <br />As a former 3-term Rye Brook trustee, I fully understand that land use applications before the BOT <br />must be evaluated on the merits of an application under SEQRA and governing Village Code … not <br />upon issues of NIMBY, a gauntlet of lawn signs or even picketing protest activity by certain residents <br />opposed to a project. Land use applications are not popularity contests that get swayed by the <br />loudest faction of dissenters or supporters. <br /> <br />(1) Affordable Housing component of the application: <br /> <br />(A) As the 259 North Ridge Street Public Hearing continues on 12/13/16, it will be 5 years <br />ago that day on 12/13/11 that the BOT adopted legislation to create the Fair and Affordable Housing <br />District (“FAH”) as a floating FAH zone to allow for the creation of Affordable Affirmatively Furthering <br />Fair Housing (“AFFH”) units and amended Sections 250, 219 and 209 of the Rye Brook Code <br />accordingly. Unlike the approved Reckson/ Sun Homes PUD application with AFFH units tucked at <br />the rear of an isolated office park, this 259 North Ridge Street application is the first test of the BOT <br />applying the FAH floating zone to a property in the heart of the Blind Brook school district with <br />residential neighbors actually in place to say NIMBY … literally. <br /> <br />(B) Sadly, it seems that opposition to "affordable housing" in the Blind Brook school district <br />has reared its ugly head with some of the citizenry opposing this application. Opponents who say <br />they’re “in favor of affordable housing … just not this [North Ridge Street] location.” Opponents <br />who claim that the proposed affordable housing at 259 North Ridge Street will hurt their property <br />values. I will leave it to the Village Attorney to advise the BOT on the legal ramifications if a bona fide <br />land use application from an experienced, reputable developer of market-rate and affordable housing, <br />who is petitioning to use the floating FAH zone, is denied approvals for applications that otherwise <br />comply with zoning and satisfy legitimate environmental concerns under SEQRA <br /> <br />(C ) There are all types of "affordable housing" initiatives. Some are geared towards senior <br />citizens to retain them in the community like the 42 units that Lazz Development built in in the south <br />end of Rye Brook in the Port Chester school district at (i) Louis Court at Grant Street [26 one-bedroom <br />units in 4 buildings built between 1999-2003] and (ii) 510 Westchester Avenue a/k/a 5-9 Bowman <br />Avenue [16 one-bedroom units in 2 buildings]. <br /> <br />(D) In March 2001, the BOT adopted Chapter 6 of the Rye Brook Code to govern the twelve <br />(12) "middle-income" affordable units built in Bellefair pursuant to 1998 BOT approval resolution with