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Dolph Rotfeld Engineering, P.C. <br /> <br /> <br />M E M O <br /> <br />TO: CHRISTOPHER BRADBURY <br />VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR <br /> <br />FROM: Dolph Rotfeld, P.E. <br /> <br />SUBJECT: North Ridge Street Residential Development <br />SUBDIVISION AND SITE PLAN APPLICATION <br /> <br />DATE: December 6, 2016 <br /> <br />With regard to the above mentioned project, this office has received and reviewed the <br />following: <br /> <br />1. Memo prepared by Clark Neuringer Architect, dated October 25, 2016; <br />2. Stormwater Report prepared by Ralph G. Mastromonaco, P.E., P.C., dated <br />November 2, 2016; <br />3. Plans prepared by Ralph G. Mastromonaco, P.E., P.C., dated November 1, <br />2016. <br /> <br />As per the Village of Rye Brook Zoning Code, Chapter 209, “Site Plan Review”, and in <br />review of the materials listed above please see below for issue(s) that will need <br />response: <br /> <br />1. A computation for the area of disturbance proposed is not on the plan, however <br />we understand that 0.98 acres is proposed to be disturbed. The limit of <br />disturbance line seems impractical in some areas and does not include or extend <br />to the proposed silt fencing. The area can and will likely as shown exceed the 1 <br />acre threshold, requiring coverage under the NYSDEC General Permit for <br />Stormwater discharges. As noted previously, the NYSDEC General Permit <br />requires providing for Runoff Reduction Volume (RRv) as well as other criteria in <br />the design. <br />2. The impervious areas listed under the existing and proposed conditions seem <br />incorrect in that the offsite impervious areas do not seem to be included. <br />3. Details must be provided for both the CS1 and CS2 control structures including <br />internal baffles, panels, orifices, weirs, etc. <br />4. Details of the proposed Stormtech chambers must include 12" of stone below <br />and around the units as modelled in the HydroCAD report. <br />5. The HydroCAD report lists 16 Stormtech 740 chambers while the plan seems to <br />show only 15.