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1 <br />Christopher Bradbury <br />From:Janeczko, Antoinette N - STAMFORD CT <> <br />Sent:Friday, December 02, 2016 3:29 PM <br />To:Christopher Bradbury; Mayor Paul S. Rosenberg <br />Subject:Spoke too soon and Sorry! <br />Recently, I expressed my concern about the building of affordable homes on 259 N Ridge Street <br />property. I looked into this matter involving building on land that was supposedly not buildable as <br />speaking to people who are familiar with this plan. It seems to me that allowing people who need to live <br />at a low cost is very acceptable by me. The only problem is to make sure that the surrounding neighbors <br />are not affected financially or physically in any manner. After all, we pay the highest taxes in the <br />country. We do deserve to be heard loud and clear about all aspects of the plans for building in our <br />community to make sure it meets our standards. <br /> <br />What I have come to find out leads me to believe that I am not against the building of this particular <br />land knowing that this particular builder has built before in our community and seems to have done a <br />good job. I wanted to apologize for calling your office and expressing my total outrage prior to doing <br />some investigating! <br /> <br />Thank you and have a great weekend! <br /> <br />Toni Janeczko <br /> <br />This message, and any attachments, is for the intended recipient(s) only, may contain <br />information that is privileged, confidential and/or proprietary and subject to important terms and <br />conditions available at If you are not the <br />intended recipient, please delete this message.