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1 <br />VILLAGE OF RYE BROOK <br />938 KING STREET <br />RYE BROOK, NY 10573 <br />(914) 939-0753 PH <br />(914) 939-5801 FAX <br />VILLAGE OF RYE BROOK ENGINEERING & DPW <br />Memo <br />To: Board of Trustees <br /> <br />From: Michal J Nowak <br />Date June 17, 2019 <br />Re: Tree Replacement 259 North Ridge Street Lot 1 <br /> <br /> Mayor and Village Board , <br /> <br />In reviewing the tree replanting plan associated with Lot 1 of the FAAH Housing plan as drawn <br />by Anthony Zaino Landscape Architect and last revised December 13, 2018 I find this plan to <br />be conforming to code section 235-18. With regards to replanting the applicant proposes a wide <br />array of shade trees, evergreens and landscape shrubs. Pines serve a role here for screening and <br />planting shade trees would provide very little cover or screening in the fall and winter months. <br />6-8’ pines as proposed would equate to a 2-2/2” hardwood tree in comparison. This plan is <br />acceptable in its format and 69 total trees are being replanted. <br /> <br />Thanks <br /> <br /> Michal Nowak <br />ISA Arborist <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />