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Deborah Carroll <br />274 North Ridge Street <br />Rye Brook, NY 10573 <br />March 14, 2019 <br /> <br />Christopher Bradbury <br />Village Administrator <br />Village of Rye Brook <br />938 King Street <br />Rye Brook, NY 10573 <br /> <br />RE: 259 North Ridge Street Proposed Development <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Bradbury: <br /> <br />My husband and I have resided at the above address for 41 years. We have raised our three children <br /> <br />in Rye Brook and they attended the Blind Brook schools. <br /> <br />I am very concerned that this development will negatively impact the neighborhood and endanger the <br /> <br />safety and welfare of anyone who uses North Ridge Street. It is already very difficult to safely enter and <br /> <br />exit our driveway which is about 100 feet north of the proposed northernmost curb cut. The <br /> <br />current volume and speed of traffic combined with the blind curve currently create dangerous driving <br /> <br />conditions. Additional traffic entering and exiting in this section of road would be very hazardous. <br /> <br />These factors alone should provide sufficient reasons to reject this development. <br /> <br />Additionally, this property has wetlands and steep slopes and does not have easy access to public <br /> <br />transportation and shopping. Lastly, the size of the proposed buildings is out of character with the <br /> <br />neighboring homes on North Ridge Street. <br /> <br />I am strongly opposed to this development. <br /> <br />Thank you for your consideration. <br /> <br />Very truly yours, <br /> <br /> <br />Deborah Carroll <br />