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<br /> <br /> <br />To: Robert I. Goodman, Chairman, and the <br />Planning Board of the Village of Rye Brook <br /> <br />Date: March 8, 2019 <br /> <br />Subject: 259 North Ridge Street – Subdivision, Zoning Petition <br />and Map Amendment, and Revised Site Plan Application <br /> <br />As requested, we reviewed additional and revised information submitted in support <br />of a three-lot subdivision, and a site plan and petition to re-zone Lot 1 of the <br />subdivision into the FAH District, submitted by Lazz Development (Louis Larizza), <br />contract vendee, on behalf of the property owner, Daniel Greto. The revised <br />development plan for Lot 1 reduces the number of housing units to four AFFH units <br />divided into two, two-family homes. The subdivision remains unchanged, and, in <br />addition to Lot 1, still includes two lots (Lot 2 and Lot 3) each with one single-family <br />market-rate home. The property is situated at the intersection of West Ridge Drive <br />and North Ridge Street within the R-15 District and the North Ridge Street Scenic <br />Road Overlay District, Section 135.35, Block 1, Lot 11 on the Town of Rye Tax <br />Assessor’s Map. <br /> <br />Property Description <br /> <br />The 3.96-acre (172,620 square-foot) property is partially developed with a one-story <br />single-family home, driveway and curb cut, and a terrace at the back of the home in <br />the rear yard. Behind the home, the lot slopes down very steeply to the northeast <br />from the elevation of North Ridge Street to approximately the elevation of the rear <br />yards of homes along Eagles Bluff and Rock Ridge Drive. The site drains to wetlands <br />located in the woodlands below the existing home and from there into a pipe within a <br />drainage easement across one of the properties on Eagles Bluff. Outside the <br />landscaped area around the existing home, the lot is naturally wooded, with <br />watercourses and wetlands mostly located in areas of lower elevations. <br /> <br />Project Description <br /> <br />The Applicant’s revised proposal is for a three-lot subdivision to create two, single- <br />