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RH Consulting <br />297 Knollwood Road, White Plains, NY 10607 (914)997-7200 Fax: (914)997-7201 <br /> e-mail: <br /> <br />Richard Hyman, AICP <br /> <br /> <br /> January 7, 2019 <br /> <br />TO: <br /> <br />FROM: Richard Hyman <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />On March 16, 2016, I submitted a memo estimating the number of public school students(pss) <br />that would be generated by the development proposed for 250 Ridge Street, Rye Brook. The <br />estimate ranged from 3 to 7 pss. Subsequently the proposed development has been revised <br />several times from eight two-bedroom affordable condos to the current proposal of four three- <br />bedroom affordable attached condos. Both the original and revised proposal include two market <br />rate single family detached houses. <br /> <br />Applying the Rutgers University Center for Urban Policy Research multipliers for all school age <br />children adjusted for the private school rate(92%) for the Blind Brook School District yields 1.44 <br />pss(0.39x0.92x4) from the four affordable three-bedroom attached condos and 1.94 <br />pss(1.05x0.92x2) from the two single family houses. Therefore based on this methodology, the <br />revised proposal would generate 3.38 pss(say 4 pss). <br /> <br />Another methodology is to utilize data from comparable developments. Cottage Landing Phase <br />1 in the Rye City School District was built in 2005 and has nine three-bedroom affordable <br />townhouses. There are currently 8 pss residing there which provides a multiplier of 0.89. <br /> Applying this multiplier to the four affordable three-bedroom condos yields 3.56 pss(0.89x4). <br />Adding the 1.44 pss generated by the two market rate single family houses yields a total of 5 pss <br />generated by the revised proposal. <br /> <br />The U.S. Census American Community Survey for the Blind Brook School District had about <br />2,300 occupied housing units which yields about 0.70 public school students per occupied <br />housing unit based on a total enrollment of about 1,600 students. Applying this multiplier to the <br />six total units in the 259 North Ridge Street proposal yields a total of 4.2 pss(0.70x6)(say 5). <br /> <br />The range of estimates from the three methodologies is from 4 to 5 public school students to be <br />generated by the development proposed at 259 North Ridge Street. <br />