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<br />1313/74/661458v2 4/3/19 <br /> -1- <br />March 14, 2019 __APPROVED 5-0___ <br /> <br />RESOLUTION <br /> <br />AUTHORIZING SUBMISSION OF A REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION TO <br />THE RYE BROOK BOARD OF TRUSTEES ON AN APPLICATION BY <br />LOU LARIZZA FOR APPROVAL OF ZONING MAP AMENDMENT, <br />3-LOT SUBDIVISION AND SITE PLAN FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING <br />ON PROPERTY LOCATED AT 259 NORTH RIDGE STREET <br /> <br /> BE IT RESOLVED, that the Rye Brook Planning Board hereby submits the <br />attached Report and Recommendation to the Rye Brook Board of Trustees on an <br />application by Lou Larizza for approval of a Zoning Map Amendment, 3-lot subdivision <br />and Lot 1 Site Plan for affordable housing on real property located at 259 North Ridge <br />Street. <br /> <br />On a motion by Ms. Schoen, seconded by Ms. Drechsler, Mr. Michal Nowak, Village <br />Engineer, called the roll: <br /> <br /> <br />APPROVING THE REFERRAL RESOLUTION: <br />Ayes: DRECHSLER, GOODMAN, GRZAN, SCHOEN, TARTAGLIA <br />Nays: <br />Abstain: <br />Excused: MORLINO, ZAHL <br /> <br /> <br />