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Page 1 of 13 <br />Full Environmental Assessment Form <br />Part 1 - Project and Setting <br />Instructions for Completing Part 1 <br />Part 1 is to be completed by the applicant or project sponsor. Responses become part of the application for approval or funding, <br />are subject to public review, and may be subject to further verification. <br />Complete Part 1 based on information currently available. If additional research or investigation would be needed to fully respond to <br />any item, please answer as thoroughly as possible based on current information; indicate whether missing information does not exist, <br />or is not reasonably available to the sponsor; and, when possible, generally describe work or studies which would be necessary to <br />update or fully develop that information. <br />Applicants/sponsors must complete all items in Sections A & B. In Sections C, D & E, most items contain an initial question that <br />must be answered either “Yes” or “No”. If the answer to the initial question is “Yes”, complete the sub-questions that follow. If the <br />answer to the initial question is “No”, proceed to the next question. Section F allows the project sponsor to identify and attach any <br />additional information. Section G requires the name and signature of the project sponsor to verify that the information contained in <br />Part 1is accurate and complete. <br />A. Project and Sponsor Information. <br />Name of Action or Project: <br />Project Location (describe, and attach a general location map): <br />Brief Description of Proposed Action (include purpose or need): <br />Name of Applicant/Sponsor: Telephone: <br />E-Mail: <br />Address: <br />City/PO: State: Zip Code: <br />Project Contact (if not same as sponsor; give name and title/role): Telephone: <br />E-Mail: <br />Address: <br />City/PO:State: Zip Code: <br />Property Owner (if not same as sponsor): Telephone: <br />E-Mail: <br />Address: <br />City/PO:State: Zip Code: <br /> North Ridge Street Development <br /> 259 North Ridge Street, Rye Brook, NY 10573 <br /> Project is to subdivide a 3.96 acre property in the R-15 zoning district and the Scenic Road Overlay District into three lots. <br /> Lot #1 is proposed for rezoning to the FAH Fair and Affordable Housing District, zoning map amendment, and construction of four (4) units of Fair and <br />Affordable Housing in two (2) two-family dwellings. <br /> Lot #2 contains an existing single family dwelling that is to be refurbished. <br /> Lot #3 is proposed for a new single family dwelling.