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Ralph G. Mastromonaco, PE PC Consulting Engineers <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Michael Izzo, October 29, 2018 <br />Building Inspector <br />Village of Rye Brook <br />938 King Street, <br />Rye Brook, NY 10573 Via Email <br /> <br /> <br />Re: 259 North Ridge Street <br /> North Ridge Street Development <br /> Rye Brook, NY <br /> <br /> <br />Dear Michael, <br /> <br />Anthony Zaino, Assistant Commissioner of the Westchester County Planning Department, in an <br />email dated October 23, 2018 that stated you need additional materials from our office. <br /> <br />As requested in that email, enclosed please find the following additional materials in digital format: <br /> <br />1. Short Environmental Assessment Form for North Ridge Street Development dated April 11, <br />2018, <br />2. North Ridge Street Development Stormwater Report dated April 12, 2018, <br />3. Preliminary Subdivision Plat dated April 10, 2018, <br />4. 259 North Ridge Street Tree Inventory and Planting Plan dated April 8, 2018 by Anthony <br />Zaino, LA. <br /> <br />Comment: Cover letter stating this application is a continuation of the original submittal and is a <br />revised plan in response to Village Planning Board and public comments, and this <br />application is to request the rezoning of lot #1 to FAH. <br /> <br />Response: The above materials #1-4, are in addition to other materials already submitted <br />and is a continuation of the original application which has been revised in <br />response to the Village Planning Board and public comments. The applicant is <br />requesting a rezoning of Lot #1 to Fair and Affordable Housing (FAH). <br /> <br /> Because of the comments of the Village Planning Board and the public, the <br />scope of the application is significantly reduced. The project originally <br />proposed eight (8) units of affordable housing which is now reduced to four (4) <br />units in two (2) two-family houses. This reduction in scope greatly reduces <br />traffic from the original development. <br /> <br />Comment: Revise EAF to reflect new plan <br /> <br />Response: The Short Environmental Assessment Form, included herein, for North Ridge <br />Street Development dated April 11, 2018 reflects the current proposal.